MENA World Cafe 2016 Issue Papers

MENA World Cafe 2016 Issue Papers

Water, Growth and Stability

August 2016 | Print | Paper

The REC attended the 2016 World Water Week in Stockholm and actively participated in the cluster of activities related to the focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The MENA Focus 2016 aimed to enhance experience and knowledge sharing, as well as to promote MENA priority issues in the global water agenda. 

The REC hosted the event World Cafe 2016, which brought together representatives of central and local governments, regional bodies, NGOs, academia and businesses from the region for discussions following up on the MENA focus themes. Participants divided into three working groups to discuss three topics: governing water for sustainable growth; water-related climate change mitigation and adaptation measures for sustainable growth; and water security action planning for sustainable growth in the MENA region. The related issue papers were published in advance to guide the working group discussions.

The World Cafe event was held within the WATER SUM project, which is implemented by the REC's Local Governance and Water Management topic areas with funding from the Government of Sweden.