What’s Shaking – Issue 1

What’s Shaking

Newsletter of the SEiSMiC project

November 2014 | Online | Periodical

The inaugural project newsletter kicks off with the editorial “City problems need social solutions”. The text begins: “You break it, you own it!” It’s a typical sign in a souvenir or pottery shop: a no-nonsense warning to handle merchandise with care, otherwise you pay for it. The EC-funded SEiSMiC project applies this logic to the great urban challenges of our time: climate change, economic strife, youth unemployment, traffic congestion, demographic shifts, social exclusion and more. Society created the problems, and society, meaning each and every one of us, should contribute to solutions.

The SEiSMiC project supports and adds a social dimension to JPI Urban Europe. It is funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration, and is implemented with the participation of the REC's Smart Cities and Mobility Topic Area.

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