Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

Promoting rural public transport use through active mobility consultancy

July 2016 | Print | Book

While public transport is fundamental to the sustainability and well-being of rural and peri-urban regions, due to shrinking and ageing populations it is becoming increasingly challenging for many public authorities and public transport operators to maintain good standards of service. However, by changing people's mobility behaviour and increasing public transport demand it is possible to improve the public transport system and attract even more passengers. The purpose of the present publication is to provide public authorities and public transport operators with the information they need to prepare and implement active mobility consultancy campaigns similar to those successfully piloted in the SmartMove project. Through personalised travel marketing, accompanied by active measures, and with the possibility for participants to give feedback on the existing public transport services in their region, the SmartMove approach has proved an efficient way to increase awareness and encourage more people to use public transport more often. 

The SmartMove project is funded by the EU and implemented by a consortium that includes the REC’s Smart Cities and Mobility topic area. 

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