POrTal – Issue 1


Newsletter of the WATER POrT component of the WATER SUM project

March 2016 | Print | Periodical

The WATER SUM project supports the Middle East and North Africa region and its water stakeholders by advancing water management at national and local levels, by promoting the more sustainable use of water resources, and by shoring up regional cooperation and engagement. The project's WATER POrT component (Water Resources Management Good Practices and Knowledge Transfer) focuses on building skills for integrated water resources management and climate change adaptation. This first issue of POrTal, the WATER POrT newsletter, introduces members of the project team; presents the two demonstration sites in Tunisia and Jordan where project activities are taking place; and reports on a training event for young water management experts that was held in January 2016 in Hungary.

The WATER POrT component of the WATER SUM project is being implemented by the REC's Water Management Topic Area, with funding from the Government of Sweden. 


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