Decarbonisation Modelling in the Electricity Sector: Montenegro

Decarbonisation Modelling in the Electricity Sector: Montenegro

SLED project study

March 2016 | Print | Book

The objective of the project “Support for Low-Emission Development in South Eastern Europe (SLED)” is to help policy makers in Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia to set realistic but ambitious decarbonisation pathways for their electricity sectors up to 2030. In the case of Montenegro, the project results were also used in the assessment process for the country’s intended nationally determined contributions (INDC).

This study assesses the effect of decarbonisation scenarios on the Montenegrin electricity system. The scenarios and assumptions used in the modelling were agreed with the main stakeholders in Montenegro (relevant ministries, transmission system operator, regulator and electricity experts).

The SLED project is implemented by the REC’s Climate Change and Clean Energy Topic Area and funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation through the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).