Getting people on board!

Getting people on board!

Using active mobility consultancy to promote public transport use in rural areas

January 2015 | Print | Brochure

The SmartMove project aims to make public transport a more attractive option for people who live in rural environments. This brochure describes how the SmartMove project is promoting the innovative concept of active mobility consultancy campaigns to increase passenger numbers. Direct marketing techniques, the provision of customised travel information and minor adjustments to scheduling have already been shown to help change people’s perceptions of public transport. The higher revenues that result from greater demand can then be used to make the system even more attractive to potential users, contributing to a modal shift to sustainable transport options.

SmartMove, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, is carried out by eight partners and will run for 30 months. The REC is involved in the SmartMove project as work package leader for marketing and dissemination. The REC is responsible for developing a whole range of online and print products for SmartMove, and also for promoting the project across Europe.

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