Green Pack Central Asia: Dilemmas

Green Pack Central Asia: Dilemmas
July 2013 | Print | Factsheet

The Green Pack is a multimedia environmental education kit designed for use in teaching children between the ages 11 and 14 about environmental and sustainable development issues. The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) has been involved in upgrading the Green Pack CD-ROM to make it more specific to the Central Asian region. This new product includes interactive information in the form of texts, illustrations, photos, tests and dilemmas on 25 environment and development topics. 

As one of the Green Pack components produced for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, this PDF file from the new CD-ROM contains 25 environmental problem scenarios, or dilemmas. Each dilemma focuses on a particular problem and offers a number of possible approaches. As they work through the dilemmas, teachers and students are able to discuss issues in depth while at the same time learning to understand and respect different opinions and build consensus. Produced for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the dilemmas are presented in three local languages: Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Russian.

Effective use of this educational component will assist the efforts of Kazakh and Kyrgyz schools in educating students about today’s most important social, environmental and economic issues.

The Green Pack materials are developed by the REC's Educational Tools Topic Area. 

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