Green Horizon – Volume 2, Number 2

Green Horizon
September 2005 | Print | Periodical

Green Horizon, the quarterly magazine of the REC, was published in printed form until 2008. Green Horizon assists the REC in its mission to promote public participation in environmental decision making by providing information on the environment and encouraging cooperation among regional stakeholders. The magazine continues to report on the cases and stories that shape the environment as Green Horizon Online (

The focus in this issue is on investment. The cover stories explore funding for transitional economies, a Hungarian social investment fund, and high-tech planning for an Adriatic-based information system. Other feature articles examine Laszlo Solyom's victory in the race for the Hungarian presidency, small-scale food production, and cleaning the Drina River. This issue also contains an interview with Director of Environment Alistair Clark from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.