Clean Energy Perspectives – Issue 5

Clean Energy Perspectives

Newsletter of the Europe-China Clean Energy Centre

August 2012 | Print | Periodical

EC2 is a hub of excellence, providing support to the Chinese Government and key Chinese and European players in the energy sector. Through the transfer of technologies, policy advisory services, capacity building and awareness raising, the ultimate goal of the EC2 consortium is to promote the increased use of clean energy in China, thus contributing to global sustainable development. EC2's bilingual quarterly newsletter is a means of sharing updated information on clean energy with potential beneficiaries, announcing events and showcasing best practices and case studies. It includes an overview of EC2 activities and the interdisciplinary contributions of high-level European and Chinese experts linked to the EC2 consortium.

With a focus on solar technology deployment in China, issue 5 explains the background to China’s increasingly competitive solar power industry. Along with a round-up of recent EC2 events, this issue also contains articles highlighting the challenge of creating an energy efficiency master plan in the Urumqi city demonstration zone, China, and exploring the concept of importing clean energy from desert regions.

The REC's Climate Change and Clean Energy Topic Area contributes to EC2 activities, with funding from the European Union and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.