GreenSpace – Issue 1


Newsletter of the GreenInfraNet project

September 2012 | Print | Periodical

The Green Infrastructure Network is a partnership of 12 regions from across Europe. The partners are working together to promote the development and implementation of green infrastructure by exchanging experience and expertise, and by identifying, analysing and transferring good practice related to green infrastructure policies. Issue 1 of the newsletter introduces the partnership and outlines the project objectives. It also explains the green infrastructure concept and highlights the related challenges and opportunities. The editorial was contributed by the chairwoman of the Green Infrastructure Network Monitoring Board, Anne Bliek-de Jong, from the Province of Flevoland.

The Green Infrastructure Network project is implemented with the contribution of the REC's Environmental Financing Topic Area. It is co-financed by the European Union's European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC Programme.  

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