Source of funding

European Union

Overall project value

EUR 2,996,859


July 2016 – December 2020

Beneficiary countries

EU member states

For over a decade, the CIVITAS Initiative has tested and demonstrated innovative solutions for cleaner and better urban transport and mobility. The programme has developed and evolved, each year bringing new cities – and starting in 2015 also new types of projects – into the “CIVITAS family”, always maintaining and furthering its ambitious goals to drive innovative policies and technologies forward to tackle urban mobility challenges. Having had a great impact in further developing European urban mobility policies, CIVITAS must now help to deliver solutions to help meet the targets of the Urban Mobility Package.

CIVITAS SATELLITE stands for Support Action Towards Evaluation, Learning, Local Innovation, Transfer and Excellence. It will seek to bring many cities and stakeholders not yet connected or aware of the programme into the CIVITAS community, who will benefit from the initiative’s expertise and support in implementing innovative urban mobility measures. SATELLITE will also coordinate and support the efforts of the current and upcoming CIVITAS 2020 projects and serve as a hub for all leading European/international urban mobility networks.

CIVITAS SATELLITE is being implemented by a consortium of seven partners that includes the following Belgium-based organisations; Polis, Transport & Mobility Leuven, Union Internationale des Transports Publics and EUROCITIES, alongside Rupprecht Consult and ICLEI, both in Germany and REC in Hungary. The project will run for 54 months. It started on July 1, 2016, and will run until December 2020.

The REC will host the CIVITAS Forum Network Secretariat, which acts as the central coordination hub of the 250-strong city initiative. It will share information with current and prospective members as well as implement a CIVITAS Network Expansion Strategy. It will also organise the annual Forum conference, the largest event in the CIVITAS calendar, where up to 400 participants meet to discuss technical solutions, innovations, and challenges to sustainable urban mobility. During this event, the REC will host the well-known CIVITAS award series. During the project, the REC will also make a key contribution to its capacity-building endeavours by developing and moderating a four-week part-time e-course and webinar series, part of the CIVITAS Learning Centre. It will also contribute to strengthening knowledge exchange by moderating the virtual/online CIVITAS thematic group for public involvement. A significant activity to be led by the REC is hosting the secretariat of the national/regional CIVITAS networks and administering a fund worth EUR 250,000 that offers activity grants to new and existing networks.

  • Secretariat hosting
  • Networking
  • Communication
  • Event management
  • Organisational support