Capacity Building in the Field of Environment in Turkey

Capacity Building in the Field of Environment in Turkey

Source of funding

European Commission

Name of client/donor

CFCU/Ministry of Finance, Turkey

Overall project value

EUR 3,000,000


September 2009 – September 2012

Beneficiary countries


Number of staff


The project was supported by the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance and provided support to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU). The project also supported key stakeholders such as public institutions, local authorities, the private sector and NGOs in the field of environment.

The goal was to enhance Turkey's environmental management by strengthening the capacities of key environmental stakeholders. The specific objective was to facilitate the transposition, implementation and enforcement of the EU environmental acquis, thereby accelerating Turkey's EU accession process in the field of environment.

Regulatory impact assessments (RIAs) were undertaken to evaluate the environmental, social and economic impacts of the implementation of five EU directives in Turkey. The aim was to find the most appropriate policy options by determining adaptation and implementation difficulties.

Sectoral impact assessments (SIAs) were prepared through a participatory process in order to calculate the costs of the implementation of the selected directives for three sectors, with the assistance of a research team. These SIAs supported the establishment of an optimum implementation model for each sector and analysed compliance costs and environmental and social impacts.

Local environmental action plans (LEAPs) were developed as a tool to strengthen the management capacity of local authorities to solve environmental problems with the active participation of stakeholders in environment-related decision making.

In order to support the implementation of the environmental acquis, the institutional capacity of stakeholders was strengthened via seminars, workshops and study visits, in order to contribute to the development of environmental management. Databases and publications were prepared to support the project and to provide resources for the MoEU.

  • 42 EU environmental acquis trainings and five study visits were carried out, with activities reaching 1,606 experts.
  • Five trainings on RIAs and three trainings on SIAs were carried out for a total of 289 participants.
  • Five RIA studies were completed, promoting harmonisation with the Birds, Habitats, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Waste Incineration and Seveso II Directives.
  • Three SIA reports were completed for the accumulator and battery, paint, and automative sectors.
  • Six trainings on LEAPs were held for a total of 205 participants.
  • LEAPs were prepared for the cities of Trabzon, Mardin and Aksaray following 11 consultation meetings in Trabzon, 9 in Mardin and 12 in Aksaray.
  • 26 trainings were organised for the private sector and other key stakeholders, attracting a total of 1,018 participants.
  • 30 publications were produced.
  • Two databases were created.
  • Training and capacity building
  • Studies and assessments
  • Zeport drafting
  • Local environmental action planning
  • Publishing
  • Information dissemination