Technical Assistance for NGO Block Grant and Partnership Block Grant in Slovenia

Technical Assistance for NGO Block Grant and Partnership Block Grant in Slovenia

Source of funding


Name of client/donor

Government Office for European Affairs

Overall project value

EUR 232,200


April 2010 – June 2014

Beneficiary countries


Number of staff


Although not an EU member state, Switzerland contributes to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the enlarged EU. As part of the Swiss-Slovene Cooperation Programme, Switzerland implemented NGO and Partnership Block Grants. Switzerland funded 42 sub-projects, 12 in the environmental field and 11 in the social field, and 19 partnerships were established between Slovene and Swiss organisations. The successful implementation of the funded projects within the NGO and Partnership Block Grants is a contribution to civil society in Slovenia, and to its capacities and skills in advocacy and project cycle management.

The goal of the Swiss contribution was to reduce economic and social disparities between the dynamic urban centres and structurally weak peripheral regions in Slovenia. In order to encourage NGOs, partnerships and cooperation, two open calls for proposals were issued in order to distribute the available funding to worthwhile projects. The NGO Block Grant aimed to promote civil society's contribution to economic and social cohesion. The environmental projects supported by the NGO Fund aimed to improve environmental protection in areas such as genetics, farming, waste management and sustainable sporting events. Two focused on research, and three on awareness raising. Other projects included the creation of a seed bank, school eco-gardens and mobile telephone applications. Social projects supported by the NGO Fund addressed homeless people, disabled people, people with anxiety disorders, children and young people, immigrants, Roma people, elderly people, drug addicts and prisoners. Most projects financed by the Partnership Block Grant addressed agriculture, rural development, genetics, modern arts, data collection and research.

The Swiss contribution was used to support a very wide area, and competition for funding was fierce. A total of 408 project proposals were received, from which 42 were eventually selected. Each project was progressive in its own area and offered tangible solutions to its target groups and the general public, and each beneficiary proved that a lot can be done with small financial resources and a lot of hard work and energy.

REC Slovenia, in cooperation with Pitija d.o.o., was responsible for the technical, administrative and financial management of the Block Grants, including:

  • the promotion and dissemination of information on the Slovenian-Swiss Programme via workshops for potential applicants;
  • the creation of application documents and the collection of applications;
  • the formal and technical evaluation of submitted proposals;
  • the preparation of documents for the final selection of projects in order to enable the Evaluation Committee to propose grants;
  • the monitoring and evaluation of the awarded grants, including the production of interim and annual reports; and
  • the publication of information on block grant implementation, including an anthology of funded projects.
  • Technical assistance
  • Administrative support
  • Event management
  • Assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Information dissemination
  • Preparation of guidance materials