EU Business Awards for the Environment — Programme for Turkey

EU Business Awards for the Environment — Programme for Turkey

Source of funding

Multiple donors

Overall project value

EUR 94,710


January 2011 – December 2017

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The European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) programme supports European policies in relation to the environment and sustainable development. Organised by the EU, this prestigious award programme evaluates the environmental, social and economic achievements of companies, and highlights practices, processes and products from all sectors of business in the EU that contribute to achieving the goal of sustainable development by reducing the negative environmental impacts of production modes, enhancing nature's resilience to environmental pressures, and achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources. The awards also provide a valuable opportunity for companies to boost their business, especially in terms of competition and imports.

The Turkish national competition is held biannually. As national coordinator, REC Turkey;

  • encourages businesses with EU-wide innovation potential to join the award programme;
  • receives applications, conducts a preliminary evaluation process to ensure compliance with the required format, and supports nominees to improve the content of their applications;
  • organises jury evaluation meetings that include representatives from governmental institutions, business associations, academia, NGOs and the media to screen the nominees and to determine national finalists and winners via a two-round selection process that includes interviews with shortlisted candidates;
  • hosts a high-level national award ceremony to announce national winners and EU award programme candidates; and
  • supports national finalists in their submissions to the EU award programme.

REC Turkey has been the national coordinator for the EBAE Turkey Programme since 2005 and has successfully coordinated seven consecutive national awards over 13 years. During this period, two of the winners and two runners-up have been Turkish companies.

Awards are presented in the following four categories that highlight the innovative aspects of the businesses:

  • Management Award
  • Product and Services Award
  • Process Award
  • International Business Cooperation Award

The national award ceremony is a prestigious event, attended by high-level officials. The minister of environment and urbanisation, the minister of European Union affairs and the president of the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) have been guests of honour at several award ceremonies over the years. Around 200 representatives from the finalist companies, government institutions, academia, NGOs, foreign missions and international organisations attend the ceremony. As a rule, awards are presented to high-level company executives, such as the chair of the Board of Directors, the CEO, the founder or the general manager. The ceremony attracts the attention of the national press, which results in the broadcasting of the event across the country.

  • Event organisation
  • Coordination of national award programme
  • Evaluation of applicants
  • Support to candidates for the EBAE
  • Awareness raising