Blue Pack

Blue Pack

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Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection

Overall project value

EUR 117,649


January 2011 – October 2014

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Inspired by the success of the REC’s flagship educational toolkit Green Pack, REC Poland developed the Blue Pack with the aim of including information on the links between climate change, the economy and society into educational curricula. The project drew on the experience of the Kyoto in the Home and Climate Class projects in Poland, during which nearly 1,000 teachers were trained and 30,000 children involved in climate protection.

Aimed at teachers and students, the goal of the Blue Pack was to improve knowledge and change attitudes and behaviour in the field of climate change and energy efficiency. The Blue Pack theme contributed to the main strategic objectives of the EU and Poland on climate change mitigation (the 20-20-20 Strategy) and the priorities of the 2011 Polish EU Presidency (energy security). The Blue Pack was intended as a first step in the development of similar materials in other European countries.

The Blue Pack comprised two books containing lesson scenarios, a dilemma game, a simulation game, and a DVD containing films and other materials. The materials were produced using green technology and tree-free paper. Six workshops were held for trainers, who then organised a further 100 trainings for teachers on using the Blue Pack in schools.

  • Development and production of educational materials (1,500 Blue Packs)
  • Organisation of six train-the-trainer seminars
  • Organisation of 100 teacher training workshops
  • Introduction of the Blue Pack in schools
  • Training
  • Capacity building
  • Development of educational materials