CIVITAS VANGUARD: Advancing Sustainable Urban Transport in an Enlarged Europe through CIVITAS

CIVITAS VANGUARD: Advancing Sustainable Urban Transport in an Enlarged Europe through CIVITAS

Source of funding

European Commission

Name of client/donor

EC DG Energy and Transport

Overall project value

EUR 3,549,289


September 2008 – January 2015

Beneficiary countries

European countries

Number of staff


The CIVITAS Initiative was launched in 2002 with the aim of redefining transport measures and policies in order to create cleaner, better transport in cities. The name of the initiative joins three components of European society: city, vitality and sustainability. CIVITAS has contributed to change in 200 European cities towards greener transport under one dynamic network.

CIVITAS VANGUARD was a support action, aimed at assisting the European Commission Directorate for Transport and Energy in coordinating the CIVITAS Plus phase of the Initiative and to assist in the dissemination of the results of CIVITAS Plus. The REC was one of the partners coordinating assistance to 25 CIVITAS Plus cities and ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of the Initiative, further raising its prestige and visibility.

The REC was consortium leader for CIVITAS VANGUARD. It was in charge of work package 1: Coordination; and work package 5: CIVITAS Community Support (the latter giving direct support to the CIVITAS Initiative itself).

The REC hosted the secretariat of the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee, which provides a framework for the involvement of high-level policy makers. Direct support was given to CIVITAS demonstration and CIVITAS Forum cities through demand-driven activities such as an information request service. The REC organised four annual CIVITAS Forum conferences, together with the CIVITAS Awards. The REC also published a report on the results of CIVITAS Plus.

  • Event organisation
  • Secretariat services
  • Awareness raising
  • Publication