Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform on Environment and Resource Efficiency

Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform on Environment and Resource Efficiency

Source of funding

Interreg Europe Programme

Name of client/donor

European Commission

Overall project value

EUR 1,792,931


June 2016 – March 2018

Beneficiary countries

Interreg Europe Territory | EU28 | Norway | Switzerland

Number of staff


The Interreg programmes reinforce economic and social cohesion in the EU through the promotion of cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation as well as a balanced and sustainable development of the territory.

Enhancing resource efficiency at regional level involves using limited resources sustainably, while also avoiding negative impacts for the environment. Efficiency allows the creation of greater value from less input, bringing down unit costs for manufacturers and buyers. Regions can play a key role in improving resource use through interacting with consumers and producers, as well as through their own role as energy consumers.

Although various national and supra-national initiatives are in place to support this transition, regions play a key role. Interreg Europe can help regions to find practices to answer regional challenges, such as preparing sustainable exploitation models for natural and cultural heritage assets, developing and integrating green infrastructure, encouraging SMEs to assess and address resource use issues, and reducing waste volumes in SMEs and households.

The main objective of the programme is to support policy learning, through the exchange of practices and experiences, among relevant policy organisations with a view to improving the performance of policies and programmes for regional development. It allows regional and local public authorities and other players of regional relevance across Europe to exchange practices and ideas on the way public policies work, and thereby find solutions to improve their strategies for their own policies, to maximise policy impact and to contribute to EU strategic objectives through interregional cooperation projects.

The platform offers participants and other stakeholders a range of ideas and inspiration on how to better protect natural and cultural heritage and use Earth’s limited resources in a sustainable manner, thus contributing to meeting environmental and socioeconomic objectives. The platforms serve both the Interreg project partners and the whole community of regional policy stakeholders to meet and learn from each other.

  • Creating the Knowledge and Education Centre for relevant policy recommendations, thematic studies, reports, evaluations, EU policy news, databases of good practices etc.
  • Promoting networking and partnering opportunities, including through the organisation of relevant activities and events and the creation of a database of practitioners and owners of good practices.
  • Establishing an the Expert Helpdesk for policy advice, and responding to requests for targeted advice and guidance to improve the design and implementation of public policies.
  • Offering expert support for policy learning, including peer reviews, benchmarking exercises, thematic workshops, capacity-building events and learning activities.
  • Information dissemination
  • Events organisation
  • Technical assistance