Traffic Snake Game Network

Traffic Snake Game Network

Source of funding

European Commission

Name of client/donor

Mobiel 21

Overall project value

EUR 33,848


February 2014 – February 2017

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The Traffic Snake Game is a campaign devoted to encouraging walking and cycling to school, with primary school children, parents and teachers being the main target group. All participating schools pursue the same goal: safer and more sustainable trips to school. Starting out as a relatively small project in Flanders (Belgium), the Traffic Snake Game has evolved into a Europe-wide campaign, with more and more schools in other countries joining in. Evidence shows that the campaign successfully increases the use of sustainable transport modes and reduces CO2 emissions.

The project aims to:

  • establish an effective EU-wide and long-term support network; and
  • replicate and expand the uptake of the Traffic Snake Game as a successful proven tool for changing the travel behaviour of primary school children and their parents in new countries.

To spread the good practice across Europe, the Traffic Snake Game Network currently consists of national focal points in 18 European countries. The REC is responsible for implementing the game in Hungary.


Project results include an established network of schools playing the game; a set of campaign materials and publications supporting the game (in the local language); and a well-built and informative Hungarian website (with integrated social media elements) for dissemination.

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Information dissemination
  • Publication