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Slovenska cesta 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 425 68 60

Since its establishment, REC Slovenia has been providing environmental NGOs in Slovenia with training and advice on project proposal writing, project management and accounting, and participation in decision making. REC Slovenia dedicates the majority of its capacities to supporting the sustainable development of Slovenia, mainly through the capacity building of environmental stakeholders, information dissemination and support to public participation in environmental decision making. It provides assistance to all stakeholders, including academia, the business sector, NGOs, local authorities and governmental organisations. REC Slovenia cooperates with a network of experts in project implementation: it plays the role of initiator and coordinator in a variety of environmental and sustainable development projects in Slovenia.

REC Slovenia's neutral, non-advocacy and non-partisan role enables it to maintain a central position among a wide variety of stakeholders, and excellent relations with all of them. REC Slovenia has established a reputation for bringing together representatives of different stakeholders groups that would otherwise have difficulties in communication, and for facilitating effective discussions on environmental and sustainable development topics.

Concrete areas of excellence are:

  • Introducing new trends in sustainable development policy making and the implementation of international conventions and environmental legislation.
  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue, supporting the partnership principle and public participation/access to information.
  • Communication and dissemination activities
  • Sustainable development, targeting civil society and the industrial sector and regional development in the light of EU policies.
  • Research and development of capacity-building modules for all stakeholder groups.

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