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REC Montenegro operates as an international organisation, following the bilateral agreement signed by the REC and the Government of Montenegro in April 2004.

In accordance with the REC’s mission, REC Montenegro assists in solving environmental problems through the promotion of cooperation among the country’s main stakeholders (governments at all levels, businesses, non-governmental organisations and other environmental stakeholders), and through support to public participation in environmental decision making and to the free exchange of information.

REC Montenegro anticipates that the country will take its place within democratic and developed European society by implementing the principles of sustainable development, partnership and shared responsibilities, accompanied by the integration of environmental protection policy into other sectoral policies.

The strategic goals of REC Montenegro are:

  • To implement sustainable development in practice and in keeping with the definition of Montenegro as an "ecological state" in the 2001 Constitution and in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development adopted in 2007.
  • To continue to play a major role in reform processes in the country as an independent organisation with international legal status, implementing a successful model of governance and carrying out high-quality work by means of diversified funding.
  • To provide a neutral platform for dialogue, networking and cooperation among stakeholders and partners in the country and across borders.
  • To provide high-quality, demand-driven and innovative services to the country’s stakeholders, aimed at the greatest environmental benefits for Montenegro and worldwide. 
  • To continue the organisation’s proactive development, thus enabling the delivery of its mission in Montenegro’s rapidly changing contexts of political, social and economic reconstruction.
  • Project management
  • Capacity building
  • Cross-border cooperation
  • Environmental education
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Environmental information dissemination
  • Environmental law and policy
  • International mandates and secretariats
  • Local environmental development and local initiatives
  • NGO support
  • Public participation and information dissemination
  • Resource management and nature conservation
  • Protected area management

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