A breath of fresh air

February 12, 2014

REC Albania donates equipment to measure air quality

Qirjo-Simaku_cropREC Albania has donated eight devices for monitoring temperature and relative humidity in Albanian schools and institutions. The REC has currently finalised a multi-year collaboration with Albanian institutions within its scope of activity regarding Health and the Environment, realised specifically under two programmes: SEARCH (I & II) and SINPHONIE.

The monitoring devices were delivered to the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry's Department of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency. The equipment will help the ministry department to consolidate air-quality policies for schools and institutions, and assist in establishing national standards for indoor air quality. Meanwhile, REC Albania will continue its work within the related programmes to help elaborate national policies and introduce tools in a field that remains quite undeveloped in the country.

The project is financially and technically supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) through the Italian Trust Fund (ITF). Visit the SEARCH and SINPHONIE websites to learn more about the programmes.