EEA Grant calls launched

December 12, 2013


Photo: Katonams
Two open calls have been launched under the EEA Grant Financial Mechanism, 2009-2014 for the programme area of "Adaptation to Climate Change in Hungary".


The first call for proposals is HU04 - C2.1: "Capacity building for local adaptation work".

The call aims to provide capacity building for local authorities and local stakeholders for all of Hungary's seven regions. The project will contain a roadmap for capacity-building activities, comprehensive training material and a toolkit, guidance materials for the same purpose, and a website developed for stakeholders involved in adaptation activities. The call also involves capacity-building activities and trainings for local authorities and sub-regional stakeholders regarding vulnerability assessment and adaptation plan development.

The link for registration is here.

The second call for proposals HU04 - C3: "Pilot projects for water-saving and resilience enhancement".

The overall objective of the call is to improve water management, taking into consideration the impacts of extreme weather events. The projects should have several potential components for addressing the issues of water retention and water-saving, and offer multiple examples of using physical infrastructure to solve problems. It is expected from applicants to show examples of replicable projects for water management and water-saving practices and for climate resilience building in the field of water management.

The link for registration is here.