Climate Reality Project to hold Istanbul training in June

May 21, 2013
CLIMATE COMMUNICATION: The Climate Reality Project comes to Turkey this summer.

In 2006, Climate Reality Chairman and former US Vice President Al Gore sparked an international conversation on climate with his Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Later that year, the Climate Reality Project launched a training initiative to create a global network of concerned citizens working to alert their communities to the reality of climate change. Since 2006, over 4,000 volunteers from 58 countries have been trained.

The Climate Reality Project, in partnership with the REC, is delivering an intensive three-day training to teach volunteers how to be effective communicators, efficient organisers and active leaders. They will learn the latest climate science and best practices for connecting the dots between the facts about climate change and the daily lives of their audiences, in simple and accessible terms.

One full day of the training is dedicated to learning a current version of the slideshow presentation featured in An Inconvenient Truth directly from Al Gore, focusing on talking points and scientific explanations of each climate change topic.  Trainees, or "Climate Leaders" will also meet in small groups with seasoned veterans who serve as mentors and provide practical advice on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Climate Leaders emerge from training sessions as energised and skilled communicators with the knowledge, tools and drive to educate and empower diverse audiences and communities.

Participants learn the latest science about climate change; best practices in public speaking; social media and leadership skills; communication strategies; community outreach; and organisational skills.

Prospective attendees should note the following:

  • Climate Reality Project trainings are completely self-funded by attendees. There is no fee to attend the training, but participants will need to pay for their own travel and accommodation.
  • All trainings are in English.
  • Climate Leaders commit to a minimum of 10 activities with The Climate Reality Project, including presentations, media outreach and other events within a year of attending a training.
  • If accepted, participants must attend all three days of the training.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany an accepted applicant who is under 17 years of age, and both parties must be accepted in order to attend the training.