Call for SECTOR grants launched in Belarus

February 7, 2013

Local and national grants available for CSOs

On January 24, 2013, the programme "Supporting Environmental Civil Society Organisations in Belarus and Moldova" (SECTOR), part of the framework programme "Strengthening Local Environmental Planning and Environmental Civil Society in Belarus and Moldova during 2012-2014" (STREAM), launched a call for local and national grants for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Belarus.

The SECTOR project, implemented by the REC with financial support from the Swedish Government, has a total grants budget of EUR 1.09 million available for CSOs engaged in promoting environmental protection and sustainable development in Belarus and Moldova, out of which EUR 305,000 is provided under the current call for proposals (EUR 185,000 for national grants and EUR 120,000 for local grants). Individual national grants will be awarded in amounts ranging between EUR 15,000 and 25,000, while local grants will range between EUR 5,000 and 10,000 each.

Support for development

SECTOR local grants are designed to provide short-term financial support to CSOs working at local level (municipalities/regions level) to assist them in performing environmental work, promoting CSO participation in environmental policies development, raising public environmental awareness and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Meanwhile, projects eligible for financing under the national grants programme should deal with environmental issues of nationwide importance or priority environmental issues within Belarus. These projects should involve cooperation with other Belarusian CSOs, as well as cooperation with local or central governmental bodies, research institutions, universities, schools and the business sector, etc.

CSOs are invited to apply for both national and local grants simultaneously by submitting concept papers for both schemes, if relevant. The duration period for project is 12 months.

Activities and topics

CSO initiatives/activities addressing environmental protection and environmental sustainability that are eligible for support under the national and local grants scheme include, but are not limited to: public awareness raising, educational activities; information dissemination, promotional events; capacity building and training; pilot and demonstration projects; networking, cooperation and platform building with other CSOs and local actors; and concrete local environmental improvement actions.

GOING WHERE IT'S NEEDED: Grant monies will be applied to a wide range of environmental initatives and activities. Photo: iStock

National grant applications should focus on one or more of the following topics: familiarization of stakeholders with the requirements of the international environmental agreements, EU and national legislation; strengthening the capacities of the CSOs in the implementation of international agreements, including environmental UNECE Conventions; strengthening the cooperation among CSOs in relation to the national environmental and sustainable development policies; promotion of sustainable consumption and production patterns, food safety, safe handling of chemical, prevention of pollution, resource efficiency, energy efficiency and use of renewables; contribute to development and implementation of climate change policies and action plans.

Local grant applications should focus on one or more of the following topics: promoting sustainable lifestyle, green consumption and adaptation to climate change; supporting the development and implementation of environment protection and sustainable development policies and programs at the local level; promoting waste management and waste prevention, sustainable water use and access to safe drinking water and sanitation, soil protection and prevention of land degradation, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, nature protection, protection and restoration of wetlands; developing eco-tourism, bio-food production, local branding, use of local products and cooperation with farmers and local businesses; improving energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

Grants timeline

The application, evaluation and selection processes in Belarus will take place between January 2013 and June 2013. The SECTOR team will evaluate concept papers in mid-March 2013. CSOs whose concept papers are selected will be invited to develop full proposals by end of May 2013. Full proposals will be evaluated by the Advisory Board at a meeting in mid-June 2013, and final results will be announced the following month. The implementation of selected projects is planned to begin in September 2013.

Please click here for more information on the call for grants in Belarus.