EMC welcomes eight new clients

March 29, 2012

Project helps companies with environmental compliance


THREE-DAY TRAINING: Participants met in February at the Izvor Hotel in Arandjelovac. Photos: EMC

At the promotional event 'Reporting for Sustainability II', which launched the second phase of the 'Setting up the Environmental Management Center In Serbia' project, officials of the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) called all interested companies to apply for remaining free licenses allowing companies to become new project clients.

Many companies responded to the invitation, of which eight were chosen to implement new reporting systems. With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in late December 2011, the selection process concludes with free-of-charge implementation of 'TEAMS' software for environmental accounting and reporting. In addition, each selected company receives a 'Client' solution. New companies will be taken on board even after the close of the project period in May 2013.

After signing the Memorandum of Understanding with four new companies, which officially marked the beginning of their active participation in the EMC project, a first meeting was held on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at Belgrade's Art Hotel-BAH. The following four companies were officially introducted:

  • Sojaprotein a.d. Becej
  • Zeleznice Srbije a.d. Belgrade
  • Agroprodukt Sinkovic d.o.o. Becej
  • RTB Bor d.o.o Bor

Another four companies were officially introduced at a second meeting held on March 6 at the Moskva Hotel in Belgrade:

  • Delta Agrar d.o.o Belgrade
  • JKP 'Beogradske elektrane' Belgrade
  • Tigar AD Pirot i
  • HIP - Petrohemija a.d. Pancevo

WELCOME ABOARD: New clients meet the EMC team at Hotel Moskva.
Meanwhile, the project's first client partners-'Kolubara' d.o.o. Lazarevac and U.S. Steel Serbia d.o.o. Smederevo, the latter having changed its corporate name to Zelezara Smederevo d.o.o Smederevo-were invited to a three-day training at the Izvor Hotel in Arandjelovac, held on February 22-24, at which representatives from the two companies were introduced to EMC's 'TEAMS' software.

SHOWING THE WAY: (left to right) REC Topic Area Leader Ana Popovic, REC CO Serbia Director Jovan Pavlovic, REC Deputy Executive Director Radoje Lausevic.

A solution group and the antire EMC team prepared a comprehensive work plan for the training, which covers data organisation, transactions, report preparation and practical work of the environmental management system, which is tailor made for each company. At the end of the training, representatives from both client companies were enabled to access the 'TEAMS' web solution and up to ten user accounts.

The Client solution gives client companies a powerful and flexible environmental reporting system that helps them to comply with with EU regulations and manage environmental data in a transparent, traceable and consistent manner.

For more information, please visit the official EMC website.