REC launches Green Pack online

April 27, 2012

All local language versions available on sleek web publication

By Nathan Johnson

GPScreenShotOne of the most successful and influential projects in the Regional Environmental Center's 22-year history is the Green Pack, an interactive, multimedia educational toolkit used to educate schoolchildren (between the ages of 11 and 14) about the environment. Since making its debut 10 years ago in Poland, the Green Pack has appeared in local language versions in 15 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). March 2012 marks a significant milestone, as  this pioneering educational project makes its internet debut.

Green Pack Online features information on all 23 toolkit topics, with specific information included for each of the 15 countries. And, for the first time, the new website will make available all available lesson plans in all local languages. The lesson plans contain 741 pdf files in 20 languages.

Green Pack topics are ranged around five major themes: Environmental Components, Threats and Pressures, Human Activities, Global Challenges, and Values. Each of these themes is broken down in sub-categories, each of them available with a simple click from the front page menu.

Once entering a Green Pack topic (take, for example, the Air topic from the Environmental Components theme), website users have a further five menu options from which to choose: Topics, Tests, Dilemmas, Video Clips, and Lesson Plans.

Under the Topic heading, users in the Air topic can learn more about the physical attributes of air, the atmosphere, ambient pollutants, types of pollution, indoor pollution, air quality in CEE and, 'what you can do'. The Tests section offers a series of multiple choice questions, while the Dilemmas section provides a number of problem-solving scenarios for students. A total of 36 video clips are included in Green Pack Online, and the lesson plans are easily accessible from the topic menu in whichever language is desired.

More information about the Green Pack is available here.