EMC holds promotional event

December 16, 2011

Partners share experiences, demonstrate institutional software

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: (L to R) Ana Popovic, Ivica Radovic, Roger Jorgensen and Momcilo Zivkovic. Photos: EMC

A promotional event titled "Reporting for Sustainability II" was held on December 5, 2011 in Belgrade. The event saw the launching of the second phase of the "Setting up the Environmental Management Center (EMC) in Serbia" project, which is being carried out within the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) is an implementing agency in this project.

Following the introduction of the project's first two industrial clients and their customised software solutions, the EMC is back in action to encourage interested companies to apply for remaining free licenses that allow companies to become new project clients.

Keynote addresses at the event were given by Ivica Radovic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning of Serbia; Roger Jorgensen, First Secretary of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade; and Momcilo Zivkovic, Director of the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognises the importance of setting up the Environmental Management Center in Serbia to help develop and reform Serbia's national institutions, and has provided the necessary funds for this project. As Serbia is preparing for EU accession, Mr. Zivkovic stressed the Center's importance in terms of making a planned transition to electronic environmental reporting that complies with member state regulations.

PRODUCTIVE PARTNERS: REC Deputy Executive Director Radoje Lausevic addresses event delegates.
Present at the conference were representatives from Serbia's largest industrial enterprises, environmental authorities from all levels and educational institutions involved with environmental science, as well as interested members of the public. High-level officials from the environmental protection agencies of Montenegro and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia were also present at the event, during which they expressed an interest in the project being carried out in their countries also.

The EMC's key functional element, the TEAMS System for recordkeeping and environmental reporting, was presented, together with parent client software solution for industry clients. Finally, the first two client partners of the project, Mining Basin Kolubara and U.S. Steel Serbia, shared experiences in project implementation, the application of TEAMS software tools and overall cooperation with the Center.

For more information please visit the official EMC website.