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March 29, 2011

Course for Environmental Sustainability to kick off in Belarus, Ukraine in July

By Nathan Johnson

The Regional Environmental Center (REC), in partnership with the Venice International University, is organising the first Course for Environmental Sustainability for Belarus and Ukraine, which will take July 2-14, 2011. The course will be held in two locations: Venice, Italy and Szentendre, Hungary.

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The Course was designed to address the ongoing challenge of integrating sustainable development into policy making, planning and implementation processes in Belarus and Ukraine. Its main focus is to provide an updated theoretical framework for specific aspects of sustainable development. Examples of best practices and implemented policies will also be shared, and participants will be equipped with tools to tackle national challenges and identify major policy gaps in their countries.

There will be emphasis on practical sessions, during which participants will be asked to engage in group exercises aimed at improving their understanding of the concepts discussed and to help situate Belarus and Ukraine in both a regional and international context.

The course is designed for:

  • Citizens of Belarus and Ukraine;
  • Ministry staff and central or local government workers responsible for introducing various aspects of sustainability into policy making and implementation;
  • Senior representatives from the private sector (preferably with more than 10 years' relevant work experience);
  • Staff of environmental (or related) NGOs;
  • Scholars affiliated with a research centre in the field of sustainable development and/or environment.

The REC is happy to announce the availability of scholarships to cover travel and accommodation expenses for all participants, courtesy of the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea, the Course's principal donor. For any other Course-related information, please visit the Course for Sustainability for Belarus & Ukraine website

Since the Sustainable Academy programme was launched in 2004, nearly 20 courses have been delivered in Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, the Visegrad countries, Black Sea region, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. Participants have included senior representatives of cities, local communities, regional and national government workers, town- and municipal authorities, regional development agencies and members of the business community.