Albania publishes environmental law volume, debuts Green Pack

March 21, 2009

In March, REC Albania published its fourth volume of Albanian environmental legislation, which covers the period 2004-06.

The 560-page volume contains approximately 60 legal acts, and testifies to Albanian efforts to bring the country's environmental law in line with EU directives and other international obligations.

The publication will be distributed free of charge to all governmental institutions, NGOs and other actors in Albanian environmental society.

REC Albania also published a new series of four booklets offering local-language translations of 20 European acts on air, water, waste and SEA/EIA.

Acting in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration, REC Albania successfully introduced the Green Pack educational toolkit to Albanian 7th graders for the second semester (February-May) of the 2006-07 school year. Approximately 500 teachers received two days of training at any one of 14 workshops throughout the country.

Originally launched in Albania in November 2006, the Green Pack targets 1,800 schools, and toolkit availability to 1 per 30 students.

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