LINK project workshop Kyiv wraps up with group discussions

Event provided municipalities with tools for energy sustainability

November 28, 2017

On November 28, 2017, the REC’s “Local Initiatives for a Sustainable Ukraine—LINK” project concluded its two-day workshop in Kyiv on municipal sustainable energy planning and project development.

The morning offered a summary of the previous day’s discussions on: how to set goals and priorities; how to raise funds for municipal projects on energy efficiency; and how to measure and evaluate energy consumption by developing baselines and quality assurance measures.

After the summary, participants broke off into two groups: project developers and energy experts. The energy expert group gained practical experience by learning how to design mitigation measures and assess ex-ante impacts, as well to monitor mitigation measures and assess ex-post impacts. The project developers took their draft project proposals developed before the conference, and learned—step by step—how to progress through the entire project cycle—e.g. assessing the environmental impacts of projects, identifying funding sources, developing a project framework etc.

The well-received workshop provided the participants with the practical tools needed to realise a sustainable energy future for their municipalities.

The workshop was supported financially by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment.

TAGS: Ukraine | Local initiatives | Energy planning