Free service provides technical assistance for LEDS-EEP members

October 9, 2017

The Europe & Eurasia LEDS Platform is pleased to announce to its registered members the availability of the Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS (REAL), a service offered by the LEDS Global Platform (LEDS GP). This no-cost service is available to assist government representatives and technical institutes in advancing climate-resilient low emission development and achieving mitigation commitments.

Through its international team of experts, REAL provides no-cost expert advice, conducts review and brief assessments, collects data, and facilitates exchanges between different countries and programmes working on similar low emission topics.

LEDS GP priority areas include:

  • policies and programmes for implementing climate-resilient, low emission energy solutions for multiple sectors, including waste, agriculture, forestry, and transport;
  • methods and tools for assessing LEDS baselines and goals, technology and policy options and pathways, and impact;
  • strategies and measures for mobilising private and public investment in LEDS priorities;
  • methods and resources for linking national and subnational government in the LEDS process; and
  • understanding and communicating the impacts and benefits of LEDS.

LEDS GP has collaborated with more than 40 developing countries to deliver expert assistance through REAL. In 2016, LEDS GP REAL provided support to the government of FYR Macedonia in aligning development plans with climate change goals. More recently, the Chilean Economic Development Agency’s (CORFO) solar industry committee requested REAL assistance to build capacity on modelling, designing, and implementing concentrated solar power systems. With the skills and knowledge gained in the workshop, CORFO has improved its own concentrated solar power models, and presented findings at the SolarPACES conference in Santiago. In Zimbabwe, LEDS GP experts worked with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate to develop a LEDS strategy planning document that supports efforts to build the capacity, awareness, knowledge and involvement of necessary actors in the country. This important work provides a solid starting point for the future development of LEDS planning and implementation in Zimbabwe.

To be eligible for technical assistance through REAL, you must be a member of both LEDS GP and LEDS EEP, and be a national or subnational government organisation, or your inquiry must be on behalf of a government organisation. There is no cost involved in becoming a member of the LEDS platforms.

We invite practitioners working directly with country governments on LEDS planning or implementation to submit requests for REAL assistance to If you require further information, please write an e-mail to Thor Morante at

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