Albania joins European Mobility Week 2017

September 26, 2017

More than 12 cities in Albania participated in this year’s European Mobility Week (EMW). The municipalities, working in close cooperation with CSOs, planned a series of related activities, including a ‘Car-Free Day’ on September 22.

REC Albania supports several organisations in aiming to raise levels of citizen awareness about air pollution and the transport footprint. In Tirana, this year’s activities started on September 18th at the TEN Multifunctional Center, where the Municipality of Tirana, in cooperation with REC Albania, hosted a meeting on the EMW 2017 theme of shared mobility modes, which include bike sharing and car sharing. The main goal of the meeting was to identify and collect facts and figures that can support arguments for the development of clean, shared, and intelligent mobility in the city of Tirana.

On September 19, the “Cloud” installation in Tirana showed a series of movies focusing on “Sustainable Transport and the Environment in General” to an audience of representatives from NGOs, civil society and diplomatic corps.

Also in Tirana, a friendly bicycle race for 9th-grade students was held on September 20 along the Deshmoret e Kombit Boulevard, and winners received a special award. EMW also involved young volunteers from ECO Volis in training and assisting people of different ages who do not know how to ride a bicycle.

Events in other cities included bicycle marathons in Elbasan and Shkodra—an initiative that the cities would like to continue as a traditional event. The main aim of the initiative was to raise existing levels of bike accessibility in the city centres. In Shkodra, the CSO “Eko Mendja” organised panoramic bike tours and clean-up campaigns. Meanwhile, “Horizon EU”, an NGO in Lushnja, held public awareness-raising activities for secondary and high school schools related to clean and smart mobility. The Aarhus Information Centre in Vlore, with the participation of several students and pupils, citizens and public officials, mobilised a massive cycling tour starting from the main street of the city.

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