Full-fledged mission to Moldova

REC continues eastward expansion efforts

September 7, 2017

A four-person delegation from the REC will travel to Chisinau, Moldova, later this month to pursue a wide range of organisational goals. REC Executive Director Mihail Dimovski, Head of Business Development Ruza Radovic, Chief of Staff Bruno Mesquita, and Business Development Manager Xenia Cechina will be in the Moldovan capital from September 27-30.

The primary mission objectives are to:

  • introduce Mr. Dimovski to the relevant Moldovan authorities (in the context of the ongoing process of Moldova acquiring REC membership status, and the REC’s possible establishment of a Country Office in Moldova);
  • promote and discuss ongoing REC activities in Moldova (including the Themis Network and SEEDLING projects) with relevant stakeholders, and to outline its future vision;
  • present the REC’s experience in working with transition countries and its capacity to deploy expertise;
  • establish partnerships with stakeholders that can help the REC enter the Moldovan market;
  • assess donor priorities and goals, identify potential opportunities, and explain how the REC can contribute and cooperate in achieving these goals in the fields of environment and climate change; and
  • offer project ideas when and where possible.

The REC delegation has meetings already scheduled with the Delegation from the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and donors from the Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of the United States of America, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), and Swiss Cooperation Office.

Pending confirmation, the REC delegation will also meet with two Moldovan ministries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration; Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment), as well as the Austrian Development Agency.

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