CIVINET Activity Fund invites applications to establish up to three new CIVINET networks!

July 25, 2017 | By Anna Ruban

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Organisations are invited to submit activity proposals for the period February 2018 to July 2019 that include establishing new CIVITAS national networks (CIVINETs). The CIVINET secretariats are typically managed by a variety of stakeholders, including non-governmental organisations, universities, associations and/or SMEs. More on the 11 existing CIVINETs can be found on the CIVITAS website. The call closes on October 6, 2017.

CIVINETs promote the CIVITAS approach by translating the European Commission Initiative’s activities and results to local contexts, thus allowing it to transcend regional and language barriers. At the same time, CIVINETs can enrich and deepen European-level discussions with local perspectives.

A dedicated activity fund has been established to support specific CIVINET activities. Following the completion of our consultation with the existing CIVINETs as part of the CIVITAS SATELLITE stakeholder surveys, proposals corresponding to the following types of activity are invited:


  1. Capacity-building events – where your organisation prepares workshops, seminars and webinars and provides expert advice to members, for example on gender/social inclusion/thematic categories/horizontal issues (you may also consider combining your first event with your network launch event).
  2. Transfer and take-up activities – where your organisation hosts fellow members for peer-to-peer exchanges on specific measures (i.e. site visits), study tours and work placements, and to undertake feasibility studies etc.
  3. CIVITAS dissemination – where your organisation prepares local-language promotional materials such as postcards, the “Welcome to CIVITAS” booklet, roll-ups, e-courses/learning materials, thematic group content etc.
  4. Other activities – where, for example, your organisation establishes the CIVINET's legal identity, raises awareness of the network outside the network zone, carries out exchanges with cities, particularly non-EU cities, or attends third-party events as speakers or participants (e.g. national conferences, trainings and consultations not organised by your network).


Applications for amounts ranging between EUR 10,000 and 11,000 are recommended per organisation. However, it is also possible to apply for lower or higher sums, depending on the foreseen activities. (The CIVINET Activity Fund comprises EUR 30,000 for the establishment of two to three new networks.) Applicants may also nominate a national network manager (e.g. a city or regional authority) to lead the group, alongside the secretariat (which ensures the day-to-day organisation of activities).

Activities will be evaluated and approved individually, meaning that while it is possible for all proposed activities to be approved, it is also possible to receive approval for the funding of some activities, but not others.

The forms and templates can be downloaded from this page, under Related documents. They include an application form, an annex for presenting details of foreseen activities and budget, instructions, a sample form, and the activity reporting templates.

Applications contributing to realising cleaner and better transport in cities, and that aid the implementation of the European Commission’s 2016 Low Emission Mobility "Decarbonisation" Strategy and add value to the CIVITAS Initiative’s main assets (e.g. the Forum network, the Forum conference, the thematic groups, the Political Advisory Committee and CIVITAS communication tools), are particularly welcome. Applications should be sent to by October 6, 2017. We are also interested in activities that seek to specifically support the organisation of the next CIVITAS Forum conference by the respective CIVINET. A webinar is foreseen to introduce the application process and answer questions on Monday, September 11, at 11:00.

Evaluations will be undertaken independently by the REC, POLIS and EUROCITIES, after which an agreement on the funding decision and/or whether clarifications and improvements are required before submission for approval to INEA is envisaged on December 8. Procedures for redress by applicants who submit a complaint in writing to the CIVITAS Secretariat are described in the file available under Related documents. Following a final confirmation of applications on December 22, 2017, contracts are expected to be signed no later than January 15, 2018, for activities to start on February 1, when the first instalment (50 percent) is foreseen to be disbursed. (The final payment will follow the approval of an activity report.)

For further information or enquiries, please contact either:

  • Jerome Simpson ( at +36 (26) 504 039; or
  • Anna Ruban ( at +36 (26) 504 060