Ukrainian local energy experts receive energy audit training

May 22, 2017

On May 11-12, the REC, together with the Training Center for Energy Management, held a practical energy audit training for local energy experts from partner municipalaties involved in the LINK project: Berdychiv, Cherkasy, Fastiv, Nizhyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lubny and Poltava.

The seven Ukrainian communities have now reached the final stage of the project. Since 2015, each municipality has been working on local environmental and energy action plans by organising local working groups, conducting discussions with relevant stakeholders, and drafing the final versions of action plans to be submitted to their respective city councils for aproval. From now on, the municipalites will start implementing the priority projects of their local action plans, which require advanced levels of practical and technical knowledge.

The aim of the two-day training was to reinforce the participants’ theoretical knowledge with practical examples and exercises, as well as to make them confident in using energy audit equipment. The trainer-practitioners discussed with local experts the most suitable energy efficiency measures for different types of municipal buildings, the monitoring system used for heating and hot water consumption, and the methodology used for energy-saving calculations.

In addition, the participants made a short visit to a kindergarten in Kyiv that was recently renovated in accordance with prior energy audit recommendations.

The training provided participants with an opportunity to learn practical skills and to confront any uncertainties that they may have had regarding their own pilot projects, which the municipalities will start to implement this summer in accordance with their local environmental and energy action plans.    

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