REC initiative helps open first branch of Macedonian Museum of Natural History

May 17, 2017

At noon on May 18, 2017, the first branch of the Macedonian Museum of Natural History was formally opened in Star Dojran with the permanent exhibition “The Wildlife of Lake Dojran Valley”.

The branch was completed through an initiative of the REC and a donation in the amount of USD 20,000 provided from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, which took place in the framework of the project “Developing Capacities for the Sustainability of Lake Dojran”. The facility for the museum exhibition was assigned by the municipality of Dojran in order to promote awareness of the lake and educate the public about how to protect it.

The entire design concept for the Macedonian Museum of Natural History involved continuous cooperation between the REC, local citizens of the municipality of Dojran, and several expert collaborators. The successful partnership has produced a complete exhibition that represents the rich flora and fauna of Lake Dojran. Protected under national monument status, the lake and its surroundings are a genuine treasure house of natural values. The lake environment is home to several important species of national, European and global significance, and is an especially important habitat for 96 registered types of birds.

In addition to presenting the natural and mineral treasures of Lake Dojran and its surrounding valley, the museum branch offers an interactive educational section where visitors can familiarise themselves with ecosystem characteristics, as well as the meaning and importance of Ramsar sites (specially designated and protected wetlands).

The vision for the Macedonian Museum of Natural History is that the branch, besides fulfilling the work of scientific research and the promotion of natural treasures in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, will develop into an attractive tourist facility that can offer additional content to visitors and make a valuable contribution to the enrichment of tourist infrastructure in the region.

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