Turkish delegation makes study tour to Hungary

April 25, 2017 | By Zsolt Bauer

On April 25, a delegation of legal specialists from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation visited the Regional Environmental Center (REC) to obtain a broader understanding of the European Union's Environment Liability Directive (ELD). The delegates were briefed on the implementation of and lessons learned related to one of the EU's most complex directives. The overall aim of the study tour was to contribute to Turkey's effort to establish compliance with the ELD regime.

The ELD establishes a common legal framework for liability with a view to preventing and remedying damage to land, animals, plants, natural habitats and water resources. It also requires a great deal of legal and financial planning, while also involving engagement and cooperation with several sectors, especially industry and the insurance and financial security markets.
As REC Executive Director Mihail Dimovski emphasised during his address to the delegates: "The Environmental Liability Directive could not have been implemented without the cooperation of all stakeholders."
The delegation was then briefed on case studies from Europe, and later joined via Skype by Unal Sayman, acting Director of REC Turkey. The meeting concluded with a tour of the REC's Zero Emission Conference Center building.
The participants also visited: the Hungarian municipalities of Kolontar and Devecser (sites of "Red Mud" catastrophe of 2010); the Environment Protection Department of the Ministry of Agriculture; and Mabisz, the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies.
The study tour was organised by SWECO and Corvinus University.

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