REC Albania has three new projects under way

March 31, 2017 | By Zsolt Bauer

REC Albania started the year with two new projects on climate change and one project on environmental financing.

The European Union Delegation-supported PRO NEWS project aims to ensure increased flood resilience by strengthening Albania's National Early Warning System and by improving disaster prevention in line with the EU good practices. The project will also help towards building the capacities of the Albanian General Directorate for Civil Emergencies. PRO NEWS will also assist in the integration of Albanian systems into the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) by developing an operational hydrological model for the entire country, which includes a transnational river basin for early warning, modernised meteorological infrastructure, and an improving IT network.

The Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Management supports the country's two-year National Awareness Raising Campaign on Climate Change Adaptation. National, local and school-level campaigns will introduce the advantages of an "ecosystem-based approach" towards increased climate resilience. Project activities will focus on policy and decision makers, technical government and non-government personnel, and the general public.

REC Albania will also provide support in updating the National Integrated Solid Waste Strategy and the National Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan. The GIZ-funded activities will guide policy formulation both at the local and national level, including situational assessment and development of planning and strategy. Guidance for the latter will help to integrate protection of public health and the environment, as well as economical aspects, through the reduction of waste, recovery of resources, and maximisation of recycling and re-use.

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