New study reviews application of IED derogations

March 28, 2017 | By Zsolt Bauer and Tamas Kallay

The REC is part of a consortium that DG Environment awarded recently with a service contract related to derogations associated with the Industrial Emissions Directive.

A new study titled "Application of IED Article 15(4) Derogations", will provide an overview of the use of derogations granted under the implementation of IED and the approaches followed by member states in their decision-making processes.

The Industrial Emissions Directive, or IED (2010/75/EU), regulates pollutant emissions from industrial installations. The IED aims to achieve a high level of protection of human health and the environment by reducing harmful industrial emissions across the EU, particularly through the application of best available techniques (BAT).

The directive covers around 50,000 installations across the EU, which are required to operate in accordance with permits issued by competent authorities in EU member states. The permits must include emission limit values for polluting substances, based on BAT. Under certain conditions, the directive allows for derogation regarding the rules on setting limit values on emissions.

TAGS: Air pollution | Industrial pollution | EU directives | DG Environment | Best available techniques