ACHIEVE project helps protect biodiversity in Gjirokastra

February 24, 2017

The following article appeared in the Albanian Daily News print version on February, 21, 2017. The REC is proud to report project achievements, and grateful for successful cooperation between the ACHIEVE project donor and beneficiary communities. 

Tirana - The Regional Federation of Forest and Pasture Users of FRPPK,  through the ACHIEVE Project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Regional Environmental Center (REC)  Albania,  has strengthened two laws on environmental protection (the Moratorium on Forests, and the Moratorium on Hunting) by sanctioning punitive measures against offenders, as reported by the ATA.

Within its activities related to monitoring and implementation of the forest and hunting moratoriums in the municipalities of Gjirokastra, Libohova and Dropull, introduce concrete actions and cooperation with other mechanisms will be introduced in order to raise community awareness on the importance of preserving and protecting local forests and wildlife.

As local communities are considered to be important partners in the conservation of biodiversity, a series of trainings and seminars on different structures of law enforcement have been organised.

According to the law, municipalities will be the only responsible authority for selling timber in order to supply the population with firewood. Moreover, the law obliges municipalities to reinvest their income from the sale of firewood to increase the forest fund and to rehabilitate degraded areas. According to the FRPPK, the supply of firewood in Gjirokastra continues to be done by private operators who are neither monitored nor controlled by municipal and state structures.

Moreover, the FRPPK has reported evidence of illegal hunting in some areas of Dropull and Lunxheri, as well as in other areas. Despite the problems encountered during these months, the protection of forests and wildlife are challenges that require commitment and professionalism.

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