Joint workshop benefits three Ukrainian municipalities

November 11, 2016

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A national workshop on a public environmental and energy awareness and training strategy for Poltava, Cherkasy and Ivano-Frankivsk municipalities was held during the REC's Sustainable Investment Forum on October 20-21, 2016, as part of the REC framework programme “Strengthening Local Environmental Planning and Environmental Civil Society in Ukraine”. The national workshop was organised under the project “Environmental and Energy-Related Public Awareness, Education and Training Strategy in Local Communities in Ukraine”, financed by the Government of Japan. The objective of the workshop was to contribute to environmental and energy efficiency awareness and education in Ukraine.

The first day of the event featured presentations on financing sustainability in Poland, and about Ljubljana’s transformation into a green city. Group discussions on topics such as sustainable urban water supply, urban waste, energy security, urban planning, sustainable mobility and environmental awareness also took place during the event.

The second day’s opening session featured Valentyn Shlikhta, deputy head of the Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine, and Kazuyoshi Nakasugi, from the Embassy of Japan in Hungary. In the course of the day, the following topics were discussed: the impact of the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement on environmental education; best practices in communication and awareness-raising campaigns; opportunities for Ukraine emerging from the Energy Community Treaty; fundraising and resource management; and the role of media in shaping civil environmental awareness. The last presentation covered two of the main project outputs: a training strategy, and a toolkit for environmental and energy-related awareness and education.

The strategy and toolkit will provide practical guidance and are being adapted to the needs of the three beneficiary municipalities in Ukraine. The presenter summarised the content of both draft documents, which will soon be available in Ukrainian (with an executive summary in English). A questionnaire (in Ukrainian) on the subject of energy efficiency, climate change and environmental awareness was distributed among the participants, whose comments and recommendations will be integrated into the final strategy and toolkit.   

In total, there were 83 partipants from Ukraine, as well as a few international experts. The majority of participants came from Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy and Poltava, representing public institutions and associations, research centres, academia and NGOs connected to the fields of environmental education and awareness, energy efficiency and clean energy. There were also several representatives from national and local media. Other participants came from various organisations located in the municipalities of Fastiv and Nizhyn.

The materials below include event presentations, the list of participants, the event agenda, a summary of the strategy (in both Ukrainian and English), and the survey (in Ukrainian language). 

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