WATER CRIMES project launches website

June 13, 2016
Photo: iStock

The WATER CRIMES team is pleased to announce the launch of its project website.

The website will serve as a direct information link and a tool for disseminating other project-related information and materials, such as published reports. The website will also be used to announce project events, while at the same time providing a platform of access for press and media contacts, which will facilitate work with the project’s various target groups.

The REC-developed website incorporates fundamental contributions and other input from all project partners, and will be actively maintained for five years after the project closes.

The WATER CRIMES project, co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union, aims to advance existing knowledge, gather information, and assess the threats, risks and impacts of water-related crimes in Europe. The project will develop the first detailed inventory of water-related crimes, organise the first European workshop on water-related crimes, and produce a medium-range crime forecast scenario that will include policy recommendations and mitigation strategies. This newly developed project website offers a broad definition of water crimes, outlines planned project activities, introduces the project partners, and makes available a wide range of web resources and case studies. 

The REC will conduct research on water-related crimes in Hungary, and is leading the work package concerned with essential dissemination, communication and knowledge transfer activities. Experts from two of the REC's topic areas (Water Management, and Law, Development Enforcement and Compliance) are involved in the project.