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June 8, 2016

Sustainable water management is a key driver of economic activity, poverty alleviation and health, and a prerequisite for growth and stability. Poor water management, lack of good water governance and limited awareness contribute to water supply vulnerability and water pollution and are a source of conflicts that constrain growth and threaten both security and the water–energy–food–climate nexus.

The Water, Growth and Stability Initiative (WGSI) is a framework for creating a knowledge-based platform; a dynamic network of water experts; and an e-learning tool for capacity building and the dissemination of lessons learned.

The WGSI was launched in April 2016 as an output of the multi-stakeholder conference “Water, Growth and Stability: Transboundary Water Cooperation for Sustainable Growth and Stability in the Middle East and North Africa” under the framework of the Sustainable Use of Transboundary Water Resources and Water Security Management (WATER SUM) project.

The initiative is based on three pillars that recognise the strategic importance of water: water for sustainable development; water for growth and stability; and good governance for water.

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