WATER SUM project workshop in Jordan focuses on action plan design

May 9, 2016

Climate ForumAn on-the-job training workshop on local water security assessment (LWSA) is taking place in Jordan at the Dead Sea. The event, organised within the WaSe component of the WATER SUM project, brings together more than 30 participants, namely local coordinators, local focal points, and members of local planning teams from four municipalities involved in the project: Al-Salt, Al-Karak, Jerash and Ajloun.

The main purpose of the event is to provide members of the local planning teams with knowledge and guidance on how to define and prioritise problems, which is an important step in developing local water security action plans. Participants, split into working groups, are holding discussions based on a finalised public opinion assessment and an indicator-based assessment of local water security. As a result of these in-depth discussions, participants have an opportunity to identify possible root causes of real problems in each community.

The workshop will continue with a focus on the prioritisation of problems and an introduction to designing action plans. In the coming weeks, all local planning teams will work hard to develop their own local water security action plans — one of the main project outputs.