SEEDLING project team meets in Chisinau and Skopje

April 4, 2016

The SEEDLING project team continued its activities by organising two missions that took place in the latter half of March, one in Moldova and the other in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Chisinau meeting

Seedling_MoldovaThe Moldova mission was held on March 20-23 in Chisinau with the participation of high-level representatives from both the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment. Moldova is in a unique position to choose how their educational tool of choice will be developed, as none of the Green Pack portfolio products have yet been developed for the country.

A parallel meeting with educational experts took place in Chisinau on March 22, the main purpose of which was to present the REC's ESD tools and to give the participants an opportunity to reflect on ways to further support SEEDLING project activities.

Skopje meeting

Seedling_Macedonia1The second meeting was held on March 28 in Skopje on the premises of REC Country Office former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia premises. Participants included the focal point from the Ministry of Education and Science and several educators and experts from various educational institutions who have been involved in Green Pack and/or Green Pack Junior development.

Kornelija Radovanovikj, Sustainable Development Academy Senior Expert, summarised the origins and evolvement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and followed with presentation of the project activities. Kliment Mindjov, Educational Tools Topic Area Senior Expert, explained the development methodology and possible structure of the new SDG multimedia tool for secondary schools.

Meanwhile, a meeting was organised with Ljubica Teofilovska, a contact person from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


All contact persons and participants indicated strong support for the project, appreciated the informative sessions, and valued the invitation of the REC team to work on the deliverables. The groups have already discussed getting an early start on the first cluster of activities, and some follow-up steps have also been defined.

For more information please contact:

Kornelija Radovanovikj
Senior Expert

Sustainable Development and Education


Note: The SEEDLING project is implemented by the Regional Environmental Center (REC) and financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The total project amount is EUR 1.534 million. Of this amount, ADA is contributing EUR 1.4 million in funding, while the remainder is a contribution from the REC.