Water security assessment starts in Jordan

March 24, 2016

WaterSumJordanThe Regional Environmental Center (REC) celebrated World Water Day this year in Amman, Jordan. The joint event comprised a workshop on indicator-based Local Water Security Assessment (LWSA) and a training for Public Opinion Assessment (POA) interviewers, which was held on April 21-22, 2016.

The event was organised within the WaSe component of the WATER SUM project and brought together around 70 participants representing various institutions from four municipalities involved in the project (Al-Salt, Al Karak, Jerash and Ajloun).

The first day was dedicated to training local planning-team members on the indicator-based LWSA process. On the second day, POA interviewers were trained on the POA process and on the field approach to be used during interviewing.

The two most important outcomes of the joint event were: 1) initiation of the indicator-based LWSA process in each municipality, and 2) providing interviewers with instructions on how to conduct their field work, while also providing instruction on how to use an e-version of the questionnaire. Results of LWSA and POA will be presented at a project conference scheduled for April 26-28, 2016 in Szentendre, Hungary.