REC recalibrates institutional cooperation with Central Asia

June 18, 2015

REC_CARECThe 25th anniversary high-level events of the REC held on June 10-11, 2015 marked the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the REC and the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC). In recognition of the mutual benefits of addressing environmental challenges and bringing lasting impact to the region of Central Asia, the REC and CAREC executive directors agreed on a resolute foundation for targeted, long-term cooperation between the two organisations.

This memorandum of understanding is the first of its kind concluded by the REC with other Regional Environmental Centres operating in the EECCA region. Constructive dialogue has been developed throughout the past with CAREC, as well as REC Russia, REC Moldova, and REC Caucasus, on joint project development, fundraising and project implementation. In signing the MoU, both sides have stressed the importance and necessity of this collaboration, especially in the areas of water management, green economy and climate change.

Cooperation between the REC and CAREC has been sustained since the latter's establishment in 2001. The parties pledged solemnly to carry out and fulfil the aims of the MoU and agreed upon concerted actions to be taken. As both sides possess a similar mandate and scope of activities, this formal revitalisation of relations will enable the transfer REC and CEE regional knowledge and experience in order to stimulate sustainable environment initiatives for societies in Central Asia.

The REC's project portfolio in Central Asia encompasses the transfer of best practices and lessons learned in areas of sustainable development, adaptation to climate change, environment and security, water management, sustainable consumption and production, environmental education and educational tools through capacity building programmes, trainings for governmental officials, trainings for young environmental leaders, and other technical assistance.