Smart Cities and Sustainable Mobility

Smart Cities and Sustainable Mobility

Within this area of expertise, the REC promotes governance for sustainability and facilitates the transition towards a green economy through a specific focus on smart cities and mobility, by delivering high-quality information services and products that relate to sustainable urban mobility and smarter cities. Experience also encompasses freight and green logistics, with specific attention to the realm of intelligent trans-European transport networks. 

In the context of sustainable urban mobility, we support the EC’s CIVITAS Initiative and EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaign, contributing to urban mobility planning and workplace travel planning, and to the use of clean fuels and vehicles. Our experience related to smarter cities centres on car and bike sharing, peri-urban multi-modal transport nodes and public transport services, knowledge exchange, social innovation platforms, and even smart tools for low-carbon heating and cooling. These activities are undertaken in a bid to improve transport efficiency, cut CO2 emissions, reduce congestion, raise levels of safety and security on our roads and improve social integration and equity — always with citizen interaction at their heart.

The provision of environmental information has been a hallmark of the REC since its foundation. This typically involves publishing newsletters; hosting knowledge exchange platforms; and delivering specific project-based resources (good practice guides, translated materials, experience exchange seminars, web portals, wiki databases and PR campaigns). Nor are we strangers to feasibility studies, user needs analyses and multi-country surveys, which may be targeted towards a variety of audiences and thematic issues (e.g. energy, transport, and smart cities) and which are, in turn, used to help raise awareness. This experience is rounded out by our own innovations, which include a smart online ride-sharing platform that enables REC employees to book rides to and from work and calculate the environmental, financial and health costs of their commute; as well as a methodology for the rapid risk assessment of climate risks along transport corridors.

Information about selected projects implemented by the REC in the area of Smart Cities and Sustainable Mobility can be found here

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