Capacity Building for SDG Implementation

Capacity Building for SDG Implementation

This topic area is committed to supporting the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to ensuring transformation to sustainable economies and sustainable communities. Fast action at country level towards SDG implementation is imperative in order to achieve meaningful results by 2030.

The topic area’s main objectives are to:

  • introduce the SDGs in an appropriate and understandable manner to the various stakeholders;
  • build the capacities of all national, regional and local decision makers;
  • trigger regional and national SDG implementation activities; and
  • raise public awareness about SDGs using a variety of tailor-made activities.

The topic area provides policy advice; supports the development of needs assessments; and develops, organises and delivers tailored regional courses, seminars and certificate programmes in accordance with its philosophy and objectives. It also provides consultancy to various sustainable development processes.

Facts and figures:

  • The first Course for Sustainable Development took place in 2004.
  • Almost 20 courses have been organised to date.
  • Courses have taken place in Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe and the Visegrad countries, the Black Sea region, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.
  • There have been over 500 participants in total, including senior representatives of cities, local communities, regional and national governments, associations of towns and municipalities, regional development agencies and related businesses.
  • A valuable network of participants has been created to promote local and regional sustainability solutions and to ensure the transfer of knowledge and best practices at both national and transboundary level.

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