Themis Network Training Guidelines

Themis Network Training Guidelines
November 2016 | Print | Book

These training guidelines provide a clear structure for developing, delivering and evaluating training programmes. They are targeted at enforcement practitioners and government officials in the beneficiary countries of the Themis Network and promote the sharing of knowledge and information among stakeholders who are working towards the common goal of environmental protection.

The guidelines will form Chapter 6 of the forthcoming Themis Network Action Toolkit, which will also cover organisational planning and management; enforcement and compliance management; nature conservation and the challenges of implementing EU nature protection legislation; and cross-cutting issues in the EU environmental acquis. The complete toolkit is due to be published in spring 2017.

The REC's Law Development, Enforcement and Compliance Topic Area implements the Themis project and provides secretariat services for the network. Themis has been funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation since its launch in November 2010.

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